Remote monitoring software – WebBuncher Spector©

T2i Télécom offers a software for remote monitoring centres WebBuncher© – WBB accessible in full web Client / Server, deployed on private servers located either on the customer’s premises or in a Data Center following a distributed network infrastructure.

Designed to meet the specific needs of the remote surveillance sector, it optimises and simplifies every aspect of your remote surveillance activity.

Easily and effectively monitor a variety of remote environments and simplify the management of multiple sites and installations.
Control and coordinate all monitoring operations from a single interface, maximising your operational efficiency.

Find out how our software can transform your remote monitoring business into an efficient, secure and high-performing operation.

Simplify your management, deliver a superior service to your customers and stay at the forefront of remote monitoring technology.





Every remote monitoring business has its own specific needs.

Thanks to our range of features, our software can be adapted to suit your processes and requirements. So you can offer your customers bespoke monitoring services.

Your efficient operators

For over 15 years, our engineers have been designing the most comprehensive software on the market.
Indeed, T2i is on the cutting edge of technology in order to offer you high-performance and innovative services tailored to call centres.

Secure software

All infrastructures are secured by TWIN mode systems managed in real time in case of failure.

Our software incorporates advanced security to protect sensitive data, video streams and your customers’ confidential information, in compliance with APSAD and AFNOR standards.
These systems include all the services required for remote surveillance and monitoring operations.

Technical support

Our technical support team provides our customers with 24/7 assistance via its own web platform with automatic on-call service, ensuring a very high quality support service.