To date, T2i manages more than 150 reception front ends.


frontal de réception IP The FIP© is a multi-protocol IP front end that allows you to manage information received from alarm systems as well as remote controls.

The alarm transmitters are connected to the monitoring station via wired IP (ADSL, cable, etc.) or GPRS (GSM Data).

Regarding the installation of the FIP©, Internet access with a fixed IP address (ADSL, cable, fiber, etc.) allows you to receive alarms from IP transmitters, under multiple different protocols.

Please note that the FIP© is compatible with the various alarm processing systems on the market and has simultaneous outputs to several systems.



Le frontal iFE50X© est une baie de réception numérique RNIS, multi-protocoles, routage multi-réseaux compatible tout protocole du marché télésécurité, téléalarme ou de l’automatisme industriel API.

The iFE50X© front end is an ISDN, multi-protocol, multi-network routing digital reception bay compatible with any protocol in the telesecurity, remote alarm or PLC industrial automation market.

The iFE50X© meets CCITT standards for T0, T1, T2 access.

iFE50X© has a modularity of 12 T0, and/or 6 T1/T2 in incoming outgoing calls on 1,200 SDA, and 190 operators in Local or remote Host LAN or WAN.

To secure your solutions, iFE50X© allows 2 to 2 coupling in TWIN mode in real time, in addition it allows multi-site IP multimedia architectures.

iFE50X© has strong integration of telecommunications network services.

All-IP listening and intercom, call transfer, 3rd Party conference for 10 simultaneous sessions. CRM management, download, Text to Speech server, IVR, SMS messaging, TAPI protocols, Trunk coupling with iPBX equipment, PABX.

frontal multiprotocole RTC