A family business whose objective is the performance of its customers.

At T2i Télécom, our mission since 1994 has been to offer you high-performance solutions that meet your professional needs.

We have evolved over the years to meet our customers’ changing needs and innovations. This consistency in our approach has made it possible to create a solid and authentic relationship with our clients, based on trust and authenticity, and they always remain at the heart of our concerns.

With more than 25 years of experience, T2i Télécom is positioned among the leaders with a complete and innovative offering for Remote Monitoring, Remote Assistance and Elevator Remote Alarm platforms.

For almost 30 years…

IA Deep Learning

INT≡RAPTOR© Application de suivi des intervenants

GCO Business© Logiciel CRM Business Iot et connectivité/mobilité

M.E.R.C.I Plateforme de mise en relation SAP

CTI Couplage Téléphone Informatique

Création de la filiale d’export au Maroc

ROBOT MÉDIA 1er robot couplé média, 1er opérateur logique

CLU Création espace client

G.co Business Chaîne de télégestion commerciale

SG7 & WBB 1er moteur Grafcets intégré, 1ère plateforme internet tout IP, 1er logiciel Web – Cloud

WBB Box 1er termineur d’interface transmetteur sur ligne ADSL

iFE4x 1er frontal ISDN tout IP intégrant les utilités télécommunications

FE 1er frontal sous Linux (RTC & IP)

MMOD Carte multiprotocole





Our activity


We specialize in the design and development of complete solutions intended mainly for the Remote Surveillance, Remote Assistance and home automation markets.


Developed by our team, our solutions integrate all the necessary infrastructure of a call center including telephony, video, audio, transmitters, IoT terminals, etc.



Create in 1994


900 000 €

 of Social Capital


Bank of France quotation 

Excellent ++ (NEC 1+)


More than €7.5 million

self-financing in R&D