Our team

T2i is a family business with the highest goal of providing the best customer service. It has a strong team spirit, where all staff are available, flexible and autonomous. The sales and Research & Development teams are constantly looking for improvements to adapt innovative technological solutions to customer uses.

Innovation is permanent within the group and requires internal skills within its Research & Development department. Thus, for more than 10 years, highly specialized engineers have been recruited and trained in telecommunications networks, secure computer networks, connected objects and hybrid infrastructures such as PaaS.

To succeed in its commercial development, T2i TELECOM has integrated marketing and international trade specialists. Its ambition is to export its know-how beyond borders, internationally!

Our technical support



Technical support provides customers with 24/7 assistance, thanks to its own web platform with automatic on-call call which ensures a very high quality support service, guaranteeing a GTI time of less than 15 minutes and a GTR less than an hour.


Directional pole

Technical center