Monitoring of your workers

The T2i TELECOM team presents the application that meets your needs in the field!
Manage in real time the field operations and optimize the rounds of your technicians / interveners.

Each worker equipped with the mobile application INT≡RAPTOR, is connected in real time to your company’s information system.

Planning of your interventions

You can plan appointments and interventions and assign the tasks of a worker or installer on schedule.

Real-time and mobile follow-up

During appointments and interventions, the installer or worker has a follow-up and a help to move in real time on tablet or phone.

Synchronisation of planned agendas.

You can organise, consult and monitor all the schedules of the installers or workers. You can access the reports of interventions and installations on the centralized data system.


Indeed, the application allows your technicians to consult their schedule with all the information necessary for the proper functioning of their activity.

Whether it is to go to his appointment, to consult the history of the site or to successfully complete his interventions; the worker can manage his entire mission from the application.


Moreover, via INT≡RAPTOR, he communicates in real time with the planners and sends his reports of interventions enriched with photos, digital signatures, information statements and GPS coordinates.


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