The T2i Academy training methodology focuses on the end user. Through various analyses of the existing one, the trainer studies the procedures of the remote monitoring platform, then adapts the training to these habits.

T2i Télécom customers are offered trainings on updates, in groups during hotel days.

These days dedicated to users allow us to stay regularly informed of new developments and working methods on the tool. These courses are collective or private at the request of the client.

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T2i Telecom is registered as a training organization with the prefecture of Hérault, referenced Datadock. The training costs are recoverable from your Authorized Joint Collector Organization

Datadock is the referencing platform common to all the funders on which the training organizations have the obligation to register, in order to prove their conformity to the quality requirements, according to 21 indicators which make it possible to assess compliance with the 6 criteria specified by the decree of June 30, 2015.

T2i Télécom met its requirements and obtained the official Datadock label allowing simplified funding of its training.