Teleassistance software – WebBuncher Care©

T2i Télécom offers a remote assistance software WebBuncher© – WBB accessible in full web Client / Server, deployed on private servers located either on customer premises or in Data Center following a distributed network infrastructure.

Designed to meet the specific needs of the remote assistance sector, it optimises and simplifies every aspect of your remote monitoring activity.

Centralise and optimise the management of all aspects of remote assistance. Our software lets you process and monitor several assistance alarms.

With our comprehensive solution, you can manage your business, subscriptions, third-party payments and stocks.


WebBuncher Care©


At T2i, each telecare centre has its own specific needs.

Thanks to our various functionalities, our software is modular in order to adapt to your processes and requirements. This allows you to offer tailor-made assistance services to your customers.