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T2i TELECOM  is a company specializing in the design and development of complex systems intended primarily for the remote monitoring, remote assistance and home automation markets.
The systems developed by T2i TELECOM integrate all the infrastructure required by call centers, telephony, video, audio, hybrid transmitters and IoT terminals, PaaS platforms, etc…
Integrating AVAYA technology, the world leader in all-IP telecommunications solutions, deployed in call centers, T2i solutions ensure that its customers stand out from the competition and secure their investments.

Discover our software adapted to the Remote Monitoring and Remote Assistance market.

Our solutions

remote monitoring, remote assistance software

Supervision software

The only complete blockchain in the supervision software publishers market dedicated to remote monitoring and remote assistance.

Multiprotocol Reception Fronts

Since 1994, T2i has been designing the first multiprotocol reception fronts of the telesecurity market.


Open and scalable telecom systems from 3 to 600 stations.

Our offers

The commercial offers of T2i TELECOM are complete and adapted to the markets of teleoperators of services in the P&C security sector for the European Union market.

Choose an offer adapted to your business model!

cloud saas


Accommodation in Data Center T2i TELECOM
Full solution under royalty

acquisition receiving bay

Total acquisition of servers (main + backup)
Acquisition of the WBB license
Becoming PaaS Host

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Total server acquisition (main + back-up)
Acquisition of the WBB license

hybrid alarm monitoring offer


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Back-up in SaaS Accommodation