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T2i TELECOM is a company specializing in the design and development of complex systems for the remote Monitoring, remote Assistance and Home Automation markets.
The systems developed by T2i TELECOM integrates telephony, video, audio, hybrid transmitters and Iot terminals, Paas platforms, etc…
Integrating AVAYA technology, the world leader in all-IP telecommunication solutions, deployed in call centers, T2i solutions ensure its customers to differentiate themselves from the competition and to sustain their investments.

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Our solutions

remote monitoring, remote assistance software

Logiciel de supervision

La seule blockchain complète du marché des éditeurs de logiciel de supervision dédié à la télésurveillance et à la téléassistance.

Frontaux de réception multiprotocole

T2i conçoit depuis 1994 les premiers frontaux de réception multiprotocole du marché de la télésécurité.


Systèmes télécoms ouverts et évolutifs de 3 à 600 postes.

Our offers

T2i TELECOM‘s commercial offers are complete and adapted to the markets of the service operators of the P & C security sector for the European Union market.
Choose an offer adapted to your business model!
cloud saas


Hébergement en Data Center T2i TÉLÉCOM
Solution complète sous redevance

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Acquisition totale des serveurs (principal + backup)
Acquisition de la licence WBB
Devenir Hébergeur PaaS

acquisition license alarm monitoring


Acquisition totale des serveurs (principal + back-up)
Acquisition de la licence WBB

hybrid alarm monitoring offer


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Back-up en Hébergement SaaS