Our team

The T2i TELECOM- TOLOMEI Group team has the highest objective of the best customer service. The team has a strong team spirit, where all staff are available, flexible and autonomous.

The Sales and Research & Development teams are constantly looking for improvements to adapt innovative technological solutions to customers’ needs.

Innovation is permanentwithin T2i group and requires internal expertise within its research and development department. For example, for more than 10 years, highly skilled engineers have been recruited and trained in telecommunications networks, secure computer networks, connected objects and hybrid Paas infrastructures.

The Hotline provides clients with 24/7 support, thanks to its own web platform with automatic on-call service, which ensures a very high quality support service, guaranteeing a GTI delay of less than 15 minutes and a GTR of less than one hour.

To succeed in business development, T2i has integrated specialists in marketing and international trade.

Its ambition is to export T2i’s know-how beyond borders, internationally!



President of TOLOMEI Group
President of T2i TELECOM (France)
Manager of T2i AFRICA (Maroc)

Pierre ETIENNE-TOLOMEI founded T2i TELECOM in 1994 – with the corporate name TOLOMEI INGENIERIE INDUSTRIELLE SAS – of which he is the main shareholder.

Systems Architecture Engineer (ISIM Montpellier), Master Business Management (MIAGE), Business Law Auditor (Montpellier I), Expert in information processing and recognized as Master Craftsman in Automates Telecom by his peers of the Chamber of Crafts of Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées, after having been an Engineer – Consultant in International Groups and Private Firms (Renault Group, Burroughs International Group, Sabadel Group, BIEC Firm, etc.) for more than 25 years, Pierre ETIENNE-TOLOMEI, ensures the development of the TOLOMEI Group in the French and African markets, by pursuing an innovation policy continuing an ongoing innovation policy that, since 2003, integrates connected objects (Iot) and Web 2.0 cloud platform technologies (Paas mode Saas).

Pierre ETIENNE-TOLOMEI, is the President of T2i TELECOM SAS (France) and the Manager of the subsidiary T2i AFRICA (Morocco).

Johnathan ETIENNE

Sales Department of TOLOMEI Group
Chief Executive of T2i TELECOM (France)

For the past 15 years, Johnathan ETIENNE has acquired commercial experience in the telecommunications and computer sectors dedicated to the markets of remote security, remote assistance and technical maintenance.

In 2004, Johnathan ETIENNE, holder of a Bachelor of Computer Network (Montpellier), began his career at T2i TELECOM (France) as a network administrator.

Since 2006, he has been actively involved in the development of T2i TELECOM in France and for French-speaking countries.

In 2013, Johnathan ETIENNE joined the management team of T2i SAS.

Matthieu ETIENNE

Innovation & Industrial Strategy Department TOLOMEI Group
Managing Director of T2i TELECOM (France)

Matthieu ETIENNE has experience in the aeronautics and telecommunications industries.

Thus from 2008-2009, in companies located in Toulouse, such as MECAPROTEC and SABENA, Matthieu ETIENNE participated in the implementation of applications for the quality control of spare parts during aircraft maintenance rotations at Toulouse Blagnac airport.

In 2010, Matthieu ETIENNE has joined T2i TELECOM (France), where he is in charge of the innovation & strategic ICT development plan for products dedicated to the markets of connected objects (Iot) and Web 2.0 platforms (Paas).

Matthieu ETIENNE is a graduate of a Master in Materials Resistance (University of Toulouse) and a Master in ICT Management (IAE of Montpellier).

In 2015, Matthieu ETIENNE joined the management team of T2i TELECOM (France).